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Dear employer, thank you very much for visiting our homepage.

In the following sentences you find some information about us. We will describe shortly who we are and what we can do for you as an employer. We place qualified persons that would like to work and usually also live in your country.
Below you will read more about our finder´s fee and what you get for it.

Who are we?

The Nordeuropa Personal Consulting was founded in July 2008 by Dr. Lovisa Birgisdottir. Both founders have collected a lot of experience in this area and that is why they are not only competent in placing persons but also regarding all the prearrangement that has to be taken before a person can settle and work in a foreign country.
We need to be emphatically on the fact that we are not a temporary employment company and that we only place persons into permanent employment directly with you as an employer. Therefore we are constantly looking for companies willing to employ permanently and that is why we appreciate your interest.

Since June last year we placed around 60 persons in companies in Iceland and everyone is very content. Employers also show us their satisfaction by ordering more employees. That is not only because they don´t have to spend money for advertising or time for searching and choosing, but also because we are able to find and send the fitting persons.
We place people in all professions, from workers to high qualified persons as doctors or engineers.
The finder´s fee
For our work that consists of advertising, collecting, choosing, making interviews for the job and coaching employers as well as employees over a period of 6 months we charge a commission depending on the qualification of the placed person. It depends on qualification and working experience:
- Between € 1.000,00 and € 4.000,00 and has to be paid in two parts: after the first 4 weeks of work and after the first 3 month of work are completed.

What do you get?

We coach employer and employees here in Germany and also in your country and offer our help in all areas that might cause some questions and we prepare all the papers that the employers need for starting their work. Usually we provide them with basic language knowledge regarding the work, so they can deal easier with their employers and make working safety easierWe also offer visits and locally coaching regularly. This procedure turned out to be very benefitting for all parts and that is why the governmental agency for foreign exchange in Bremen asked us to offer our service also for other Scandinavian countries. That is the reason for our name change as mentioned above.

If you as an employer have vacancies, we look for matches in our pool or go on to get the fitting persons from the market. When we found the right persons we deliver the complete and significant CVs into your hands and you decide whom you would like to invite for an interview.
This is important for your plannings:
If you are going to have vacancies you should inform us as early as possible, because we might have to search on the market, if we have no fitting persons in our pool, and that can last up to several weeks.
For further information, feel free to contact us on the phone or send us a mail.
To get more into the detail and to see what would be important to know about each other for a successful cooperation we are eagerly willing to meet you in a personal talk.

Best regards
Lovísa Birgisdóttir

The Team

Frau Lovísa Birgisdóttír
eMail: lovisa@nordeuropa-personal.de
Tel: 04208 - 31 51

In Island:
Frau Süntka Janssen
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